Behind The Brand


BLACKLASH was created to establish brand importance within the African American community. People support and wear brands without understanding the purpose behind it. This brand will bring awareness to the culture, because people should know the message behind the apparel brand. By wearing BLACKLASH apparel, we aspire to help others create supportive relationships between people within their community and to encourage and uplift people to overcome adversity.


Our mission is to empower people to become their own boss, inspire change, and instill confidence. We aspire to create fun, trendy, and comfortable apparel that will make people feel good about themselves. By including statement pieces we aim to make people feel unique and original. Our brand will make bring out your youthful selves in a classic, classy, and chic way!


Fashion is about change and expression. Through the clothes we wear we should not be defined. Instead applauded, for being fearless, daring, and creative. Clothing should tell a story and reveal style. Our vision is to invoke confidence in one to be their best version of themselves.


My brand, BLACKLASH, is a play on words for backlash. There has been so many times where I’ve felt that the African American community needs to be heard. Especially, now more than ever. My mission is to create an adverse reaction to some of the adversity the African American community faces and turn it positivity by the way we react to certain situations within our community; responding with love instead of hate, peace instead of violence. Through my brand I inspire to create this sequence of change to where we will all feel empowered to make a difference through the brands we wear.

BLACKLASH is putting a new twist on streetwear. By taking old concepts and making them new, it’s giving people a new perspective on why they wear different brands. Streetwear is based upon comfortable and casual pieces. Through the clothes we wear we can change not only how we feel, but how we are perceived. Our sophisticated urban streetwear blend will make you feel bold, confident, and timeless! The brand provides trendy streetwear apparel with a mix of business casual staple pieces. by doing so, we aim to make the transition from work to nightlife attire effortless!


Now more than ever small businesses are emerging and people are buying! Why should you support local small business?It’s quite simple. It creates unity and shows support for a cause while stimulating growth to increase chances for expansion. BLACKLASH is ecouraging people, not just people in your community, but everywhere to come together, become their own boss, and start thinking outside of the box.

“How Will You React?”